Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

Wow! time flies! I think it has been almost a year since I added anything.
Tim continually does better. he does too much physical work and tires himself. Sometimes I think he does this to get some sympathy. I just tell him to quit working so hard.
He has gained lots of weight. I hope that is a good sign. He returns in June for his yearly CT scan and progress. Always a scary time. Neither of us talk about it.
He continually worries that something is wrong with him. Perhaps that comes from being so sick and undergoing so much treatment. I continually tell him he is fine and to quit worrying! He is extremely anal about anything medical. If a doctor prescribes a pill....he must take it exactly when/where/how prescribed. If the medicine runs out he panics. Tim was prescribed a 1/2 a water pill to help manage his blood pressure by his cardiologist. Once the prescription ran out, the cardiologist refused to re-prescribe. I told Tim several times to check his blood pressure while on the pill and then check it again over several days with out it. If his blood pressure went way up, he would need to call his GP to re-prescribe the pill. The next thing I know he is at the pharmacy trying to find out why the cardiologist won't renew the prescription. Again, I told him his GP needs to be in charge of all medications and to talk with that office. This is such a low dose medicine that I'm sure doesn't make a lot of difference. Tim begs to differ that it wouldn't have been prescribed if the cardiologist didn't want to get aggressive with lowering his blood pressure. Again, I tell him he needs to monitor his blood pressure on and off the pill. (He checked it once in a month - and told me he had done it every day for weeks. I didn't want to tell him that the blood pressure monitor keeps track of every day and time it is used....). He finally checked his pressure again after being off the pill for a few weeks and found his pressure had not changed.... Since he only sent me the info through an IM - I'm not sure of his overall feelings in "needing" this pill.

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Barb said...

Thanks for the update. I spoke with Tim the other day and he seems good but aprehensive about certain things. That's understandable. We are so thrilled he is doing so well.