Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

Wow! time flies! I think it has been almost a year since I added anything.
Tim continually does better. he does too much physical work and tires himself. Sometimes I think he does this to get some sympathy. I just tell him to quit working so hard.
He has gained lots of weight. I hope that is a good sign. He returns in June for his yearly CT scan and progress. Always a scary time. Neither of us talk about it.
He continually worries that something is wrong with him. Perhaps that comes from being so sick and undergoing so much treatment. I continually tell him he is fine and to quit worrying! He is extremely anal about anything medical. If a doctor prescribes a pill....he must take it exactly when/where/how prescribed. If the medicine runs out he panics. Tim was prescribed a 1/2 a water pill to help manage his blood pressure by his cardiologist. Once the prescription ran out, the cardiologist refused to re-prescribe. I told Tim several times to check his blood pressure while on the pill and then check it again over several days with out it. If his blood pressure went way up, he would need to call his GP to re-prescribe the pill. The next thing I know he is at the pharmacy trying to find out why the cardiologist won't renew the prescription. Again, I told him his GP needs to be in charge of all medications and to talk with that office. This is such a low dose medicine that I'm sure doesn't make a lot of difference. Tim begs to differ that it wouldn't have been prescribed if the cardiologist didn't want to get aggressive with lowering his blood pressure. Again, I tell him he needs to monitor his blood pressure on and off the pill. (He checked it once in a month - and told me he had done it every day for weeks. I didn't want to tell him that the blood pressure monitor keeps track of every day and time it is used....). He finally checked his pressure again after being off the pill for a few weeks and found his pressure had not changed.... Since he only sent me the info through an IM - I'm not sure of his overall feelings in "needing" this pill.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life is Good - God is Great - but I'm pooped!

I keep thinking I will write a book someday!
I have come up with a Title. I think that is supposed to be the hard part.....
Life is Good - God is Great - but I'm pooped!

June 30, 2009

WOW, it's been a while since I've added anything.
Life has been going on - guess that is always good. Tim went in for a CAT scan yesterday and we will see the doctor on Thursday to get the results.
Tim is planning a quick trip to Florida with his family. They will leave Thursday night and drive all night to fort Walton Beach. This will have to be a wild trip. Stan, Tim's brother, bought a 30 foot motor home. He wants to transport as many as possible to Florida. I think he has about 12 going so far. I think he should attempt to head through Texas and take as many as he can to Mexico. This can be an opposite type drop. They can scatter through Mexico and we can see how quick they are sent back to the US as rejects!
Actually, they are going to a surprise birthday party. The motor home should hold 9 somewhat comfortable. Three more will wedge in somewhere. Now, remember that 12 people mean at minimum 12 suitcases! And they are planning on "partying" all the way down and back so that means at least 6 coolers of drinks! And surely they need some munchies. Not only will they look like sardines - they may begin to smell like sardines after 12 to 16 hours......oh, watch for the update on this trip!!
Today, is Scott's 25th birthday! Happy Birthday - Scott!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

April - May 2009

Tim developed an allergic reaction to the IV antibiotics he was on - Vancomycin and ______.
He broke out all over in a red rash - and it is nicknamed "red man". He broke out about April 10, 2009. It is now the middle of May - and he is still trying to "kick" the rash. He is always cold - and wears several layers of clothes to stay warm. I tease him that the rash is a Heat Rash.......
We returned to cleveland for a check-up on April 21. All was going fine other than his rash. He had a pacemaker check - good; and an Echo done - fine!
We return to Cleveland on May 18/19 for another check up and to have the clot filter removed.
He has lost lots of weight and stays rather thin. I hope to get him eating more....
More appointments and follow-ups in June.......

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wed. 3/25

We have been at home for a few days and everything is going great!
Tim is re-cooping and doing pretty good. I'm sure he will be ready to go fishing in a few months!
The dogs are glad to have their fearless leader home and snuggle up to Tim every opportunity they get!
I went back to work on Monday. Somebody has to keep the insurance rolling!
I'm afraid to say we are back to normal. I don't really know what that is......and I'm afraid to say all is fine.....before a doctor gets to charge their final fee and tell us. But I will whisper that we are getting there! It is good to be home - and hopefully on the mend. I'm afraid there are still many hoops to jump through - and every time we think we are done.....another hurdle seems to rise in front of us! This time I'm hoping the hurdles are done - and Tim can re-coop and start to enjoy his retirement!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today is THE DAY!!

It's Saturday morning - 3/21/09. We've been holding our breath all night - they took labs at 4 am - the nurse sent them out STAT - and by 7am.....she gave me the news that Tim's blood thinning levels were up. It is now official - we will be released sometime this morning - and be on our way home!!! Now, we just have to WAIT for everything to be put together! But I can start packing and making trips to the car!
Thank you to everyone that has been praying, reading this trivia everyday - and overall just letting us know that we have such great friends and following! We appreciate every one of you and everything all have done for us. We cannot thank you enough!
Tim still has lots of mending to do. He has 6 weeks of IV antibiotics to get. In 6 weeks we will make a return trip to Cleveland to hopefully have the antibiotics "turned off"; to have his clot screen removed; to have his pacemaker checked (that will be monitored in Lafayette for ever); and whatever else they decide he must do!
Tim is still fairly hoarse - so won't be ready to talk on the phone - but we will look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Another day - another page for insurance billing!
We are just hanging out! I think our insurance must be too good - why let us go?? Several of the doctor's fees have been posted to!! The surgeon's fee is about 4x what it is in Lafayette....but worth it!! Some of the other charges make you wonder. They barely stick their head in the door.....
Tim's count - i'm not even sure what they are counting anymore - isn't up or down or sideways or backwards - or however it's supposed to be yet. We are starting to hear some talk in the hallway that we may be able to get out tomorrow. Other jab is we're staying on into next week!
I took the car and got out a little this afternoon. Overall, there isn't anything I want - so it's hard to pick a place to go! I told Tim my mission was to go buy a new car.....but couldn't find a dealership where I wanted to stop. Tim's car has decided to act up - and it's a little unsettling. It will kind of jump forward (when you are sitting at a stop). Then it will shake and rattle and shut off. I'm hoping it will head for home with no problems. I think there must be some transmission problem. I think it's time to trade it off. Tim likes his we'll see. I'm tempted to park it on the street tonight and see if there is anything left in the morning!
Tim is currently sleeping through some of the March madness games.
Thanks to all who are still reading.....hoping this story ends soon!!